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Woods With A Story

 We have dozens of significant woods available for pens, letter openers, cuff links, and more. To order a custom item, send us an email with which timber you are interested in and we can go from there. 

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Hollywood Collection

These timbers have been reclaimed from various filming locations and scenery, as well as historic places from the film industry

Historic Timbers

  • Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - White Oak
  • Cedar Bridge Tavern
  • Golden Gate Bridge from the Original Catwalk - Redwood
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • James Bell Tavern
  • Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration Grand Stand
  • George Washington Planted Horse Chestnut (Ultra Rare)
  • George Washington Planted Horse Chestnut Hybrid (Ultra Rare)
  • George Washington’s Mt Vernon - Cherry (Ultra Rare)
  • James Madison Belle Grove - Mulberry
  • James Monroe Ash Lawn - White Oak
  • Patrick Henry Scotchtown - Osage Orange
  • Gettysburg Sheaffer Farm House
  • Battle of Culloden - Birch
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Law Office


  • Quantico Champion Tree - Cherry
  • Ft Knox
  • Ft. Bragg Officers Club
  • Korean Demilitarized Zone - Oak, Hibiscus
  • M1 Garand

Ships, Vehicles, & Aircraft

Famous Places

Famous Trees

  • Sherwood Forest - Oak
  • Hundred Acre Wood - Oak
  • Hundred Acre Wood - Spalted Beech
  • Ashdown Forest - Home of the Hundred Acre Wood - Oak
  • Senator Tree - Bald Cyprus (500 BC - 2012)
  • Ancient Iowa Bog Oak - 4000 Years old!
  • Ancient Iowa Bog Elm - 4000 Years old!
  • Ancient Iowa Bog Cherry - 4000 Years old!
  • The Birnam Oak (one of the 2 surviving trees of the “Birnam Wood” forest, celebrated in Shakespeare’s Macbeth)
  • St Peter’s Church Tree (Philadelphia) - Horse Chestnut
  • Bethlehem Olive Wood

Haunted Timber

  • Manning Goddard House - Poplar
  • The Devil’s Tree - Live Oak

    Sports & Stadiums*

    *This is what I currently have in stock. There’s lot’s more available that I can get in fairly quickly, so if you're looking for something that isn't on the list, reach out and ask.

    Barrel Wood

    These woods have been reclaimed from barrels used to distill the following Whiskeys, Rums, Wines, and Hot Sauce

    • Jack Daniels - Oak
    • Jack Daniels Gold - Maple
    • Jack Daniels Sinatra - Oak
    • Coca Cola - Oak
    • Crown Royal - Oak
    • Jim Beam - Oak
    • Makers Mark - Oak
    • Captain Morgan - Oak
    • Tabasco - Oak
    • Opus One Wine - Oak
    • Buffalo Trace - Oak
    • Pappy Van Winkle - Oak
    • Woodford Reserve - Oak

    Wood With A Story + More

    • Basketball Court Flooring - Maple
    • Circuit Board Pens
    • DiamondCast (Beautifully colored resin infused with real diamonds!)
    • Offcuts from Maegen Wells Custom Guitars - Koa, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany