How do I replace the ink in my fountain pen?

Replacing the ink in a fountain pen is much easier than one would anticipate. I'll be doing my own instructional video for this soon, but in the mean time, check out this walk-through

Fountain vs Rollerball vs Ballpoint? Whats the difference?

For a lot of people, this comes down to personal preference. Ballpoint Pens use an oil based ink that dries quickly on paper, but the pen won't dry out easily at all. These pens generally click or twist. Rollerball Pens use a liquid gel ink for a smoother writing experience. The ink is often darker than the ballpoint ink, and less pressure is needed to write. Rollerball ink dries much slower than ballpoint ink, and is prone to smudging because of that. They will also dry out quickly, so these pens are generally capped. Fountain Pens are widely loved for many reasons. There are hundreds of ink options for your fountain pen - a full spectrum of colors, inks that sparkle, scented inks, all kinds of stuff! The ink takes a little longer to dry, similar to a rollerball. There are 2 major types of fountain pens - dip pens and self-filling. Dip pens are pretty self explanatory; you dip the nib of the pen gently into an inkwell, and take it to the paper. Self filling fountain pens are capped and use either a pre-filled ink cartridge or an ink converter, which allows you to fill your pen with your favorite ink from an inkwell. Fountain pens are great for daily use, for cursive and calligraphy enthusiasts, or as a special occasion pen. 

What happens if my pen breaks?

Bow & Harrow pens have a limited lifetime warranty and support policy. To ensure a long and happy life for your pen, treat it kindly. Don't leave it in a hot car or in freezing temperatures, try not to sit on it, and don't over tighten the cap. These are the most common damages to any pen, and they are easily avoidable. If anything ever happens to it, email bowandharrow@gmail.com and we will talk through a repair or replacement option for you.