Cutting Board Care

Thank you for purchasing a cutting board from us at Bow & Harrow Workshop! Hardwood cutting boards are resilient and last a very long time with proper (and simple!) care. Below we have written out some helpful tips on how to maintain your boards so that you get the maximum life and enjoyment out of them.  

  • Wash cutting and cheese boards with warm soapy water after use but do not soak. Soaking the board for an extended amount of time could cause warping and cracking. After cleaning, drying the boards with a clean rag will also help extend the life of your boards.
  • In order to keep your boards healthy and vibrant, you will need to oil them occasional with mineral oil (food-safe and available at any grocery or hardware store). Some people only oil their boards once a year, while some prefer once a month. This really just depends on how often you use them! For an additional layer of protection, we offer our own home-made Board Butter, a mixture of mineral oil and natural beeswax, that can be rubbed onto the board with a clean rag to help keep it hydrated and protected. Wipe off excess after a few minutes and it's good to go!
  • Over the years, like any cutting board, your board will show scars from sharp knives and countless meals. If the surface damage becomes unsightly, a thorough sanding followed by a mineral oil bath will restore the board to its original glory.

We really hope you love your cutting and/or cheese board and that it brings you and your home lots of joy for years to come. If you ever have any questions about your boards, board butter or any of our other products, we are always available at